Aerial Artistry on Display this Weekend at the Chicago Air & Water Show

August 13th, 2015 by

For those new to Chicago and northwest Indiana, the dish rattling, pet scurrying and ear drum-shattering noise you’re experiencing over the next few days simply marks the arrival of the 57th Chicago Air & Water Show. Yes, the noise can be deafening, which is why many of us locals plan a weekend escape for this particular time of year. Yet should you decide to stay in town and weather the aural storm, you will not be disappointed by the amazing aerial artistry on display.

For a preview of what you will see, the following video shows the Blue Angels in action last year in California. It’s a long clip but one of the more interesting moments, from this civilian’s perspective anyway, happens at the very beginning when the six pilots are standing motionless, legs apart and with their arms protruding like wings from behind their backs. Then, on cue, they march in perfect unison and one-by-one, fan out to their respective planes. Cool stuff and something you won’t see when you’re there at the lakefront.

This next clip is hugely popular on YouTube, as it’s from the p.o.v. of the pilot. Check it out!

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